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2nd_rome's Journal

The Second Rome
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A play-by-LJ "Changeling: The Lost" game
UPDATE: Apologies to prospective players, but this game is over.

The place: Washington, D.C. The time: Now.

The city chokes beneath a stifling fog of fear and sorrow, its mortal inhabitants watching for enemies both real and imagined and weeping for the soldiers who return from far-off shores bloodied and broken, or not at all.

Strange creatures roam the city's streets and lurk in its shadows. The Hedge grows more dangerous by the day, and in Faerie, the Gentry watch and wait, their motives known only to them. In this hostile world, the Lost of the freehold of Roanoke survive as best they can.

What will be the fate of "The Second Rome?"

[Rules] [Character Creation] [Application - Changelings] [Application - Mortals]