St. Ursula's field trip - the Smithsonian

((OOC: Open to anyone who might be at the Smithsonian museums on the National Mall that day. Note that admission to the museums is free.))

"Let's go, ladies," the dark-haired, bespectacled woman in violet says, watching as the girls from St. Ursula's file off the bus. "Stand over there," she gestures to a spot on the Mall, "and we'll take a head count; then we'll break into groups and start on the museums."

Once she's made certain that everything is in order, she addresses the group. "Everyone from Bus One, you're with Ms. Hartley and Mrs. Reed. Bus Two, you're with me and Miss Dexaix. Bus Three, you're with Mrs. Ten and Ms. Moudgil. Group one will start at the Freer Gallery, group two at the National Museum of Natural History, and group three at the National Air and Space Museum."


As the group of students and their two chaperons passes the security checkpoint and enters the museum proper, Sakura escorts her group to the Hall of Mammals. "Remember, I'll want an essay on this experience on Wednesday, so pay attention to what you see."

((OOC: For any Lost about, Sakura is obviously a changeling. There is a description of her mien here; she also appeared at the Autumn King's accession.))
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The Crouching Tiger Dojo, in Foggy Bottom

((This takes place after this. Feel free to join in!))

An attractive Asian woman in her late teens gets off the Metro at Foggy Bottom and walks the few blocks to a brick building with a sign displaying a large tiger and the words, "Crouching Tiger Dojo" in flowing script. In the building's window is a neatly typed sheet displaying information about fees and times for classes.

The young woman makes her way into the building and enters the little room just to the right of the door that contains a chair and a desk with a computer and telephone. "Akira-niisan?" she calls. "I'm here."
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In a DC subway car, sunday evening

Sitting in one of the seats near the door in a Japanese-style schoolgirl uniform, the brown-haired girl sits with a backpack on the seat next to her. She plays nervously with one of the straps while more people board the train.

((OOC: Public scene - Feel free to join in.))

Roanoke - Transfer of power

((OOC: All changeling characters are welcome here!))

The early September heat had been oppressive, but as the ceremony begins inside the freehold, thunder booms and the dark clouds overhead pour out a torrent of rain.

The Queen of Swords, Valeria Ebonwing, stands in the center of the great parlor. Clad in black and silver armor that seems to absorb rather than reflect the light, the tall, stern Draconic seems a statue made of ebony and alabaster, the darkness of her hair, armor and large, feathered wings contrasting with the alabaster whiteness of her skin. The crown of Summer, a simple circlet set with rubies, rests on her brow, and the air around her is reminiscent of a hot, dry wind.

"Members of the freehold of Roanoke, hear me!" she calls out in a voice that reaches every corner of the room. "The time has come to welcome the Autumn King to the throne!"

About the game

The place: Washington, D.C. The time: Now.

The city chokes beneath a stifling fog of fear and sorrow, its mortal inhabitants watching for enemies both real and imagined and weeping for the soldiers who return from far-off shores bloodied and broken, or not at all.

Strange creatures roam the city's streets and lurk in its shadows. The Hedge grows more dangerous by the day, and in Faerie, the Gentry watch and wait, their motives known only to them. In this hostile world, the Lost of the freehold of Roanoke survive as best they can.

What will be the fate of "The Second Rome?"